Album Review – Power by Ana Popovic: A Daring Departure Showcasing Strength and Resilience


Ana Popovic, renowned for her electrifying blues rock sound, takes a bold leap with her latest album release, titled “Power.” Departing from her traditional blues roots, Ana explores new musical landscapes while still embracing her signature guitar prowess.

Having seen Ana in April at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival, I couldn’t wait for this CD to be released.

Power Album Cover
“Power” is Ana’s ninth studio album and it showcases her evolution as an artist, demonstrating her versatility and willingness to explore new horizons. While rooted in her blues rock foundation, the album incorporates elements of funk, soul, and even hints of pop, creating a fresh and captivating sonic experience. Ana’s decision to venture beyond her comfort zone yields impressive results and reveals a newfound dimension to her musical prowess.

“Power” is full of high points. It thrives on experimentation, with Ana fearlessly embracing new musical styles and incorporating innovative arrangements. Songs like “Lasting Kind of Love” and “Brand New Man” fuse bluesy guitar riffs with infectious funk grooves, providing an invigorating listening experience.

Ana Popovic has always possessed a soulful voice, and she employs it masterfully throughout the album. Tracks such as “In a Sentimental Mood” and “He Did It” showcase her ability to infuse heartfelt emotions into her performances, captivating listeners and creating a powerful connection.

Ana Popovic with Bruthel (Bassist) – Photo Credit: © Brian Rasic
Ana’s guitar skills remain at the forefront of her music, and “Power” is no exception. From blistering solos to intricate melodic lines, her virtuosity shines on tracks like “Fading Away” and “Struggle for Grace.” Her ability to blend technicality with emotion is a testament to her exceptional talent.

Low Points:
While “Power” demonstrates Ana’s exploration of different genres, the album occasionally lacks a cohesive thread. Some tracks feel disjointed in their stylistic choices, making the listening experience somewhat uneven. However, this flaw doesn’t diminish the overall impact of the album.

In certain instances, the album veers slightly towards overproduction, leading to an excess of layers and effects that occasionally overshadow Ana’s raw talent. A more restrained production approach could have allowed her performances to shine even brighter.

Standout Moments:
“Soulful Dress”: This track encapsulates Ana’s ability to seamlessly blend blues and soul, creating a captivating and infectious groove that stays with the listener long after the song ends. Ana’s sultry vocals and impeccable guitar work make this a standout moment on the album.

“If Tomorrow Was Today”: In this powerful ballad, Ana Popovic’s vulnerability shines through as she delivers a heartfelt performance. The combination of poignant lyrics, emotionally charged vocals, and tasteful guitar solos creates a poignant and memorable experience.

Ana’s Strengths:
Musical Versatility: Ana’s willingness to explore different musical styles showcases her versatility as an artist. Her ability to effortlessly adapt her guitar skills to various genres while maintaining her signature sound is a testament to her exceptional talent.

Emotional Connection: Ana Popovic possesses a unique ability to connect with her audience on an emotional level. Her heartfelt performances and genuine expression of emotions resonate deeply, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

Guitar Mastery: Ana’s extraordinary guitar skills elevate her music to new heights. Her technical prowess, combined with an innate sense of melody and rhythm, sets her apart as a true guitar virtuoso.

Ana’s Battle with Cancer:
During the recording of “Power,” Ana Popovic faced a challenging battle with cancer. Her determination and strength in the face of adversity undoubtedly influenced the album’s creation. The emotional depth and resilience present in the songs serve as a testament to Ana’s unwavering spirit. The album becomes more than a collection of songs; it becomes a testament to the power of music as a healing force.

“Power” marks a daring departure from Ana Popovic’s traditional blues rock sound, highlighting her musical growth and willingness to explore new territories. While the album occasionally lacks cohesion and veers towards overproduction, its high points, including experimental soundscapes, emotional depth, and Ana’s exceptional guitar skills, make it a compelling and noteworthy addition to her discography. Furthermore, Ana’s battle with cancer adds an additional layer of strength and resilience to the album, making it a testament to her unwavering spirit. “Power” solidifies Ana Popovic’s status as a versatile and remarkable artist, further cementing her place in the music industry.

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